Our Guide To Campervan Conversions: Choosing A Van

When it comes to campervan conversions, there are several different stages. This is the first of our three-part series to help you pick the perfect van, design the best layout and equip yourself with the right tools to flourish on the road.

So, if you’re just starting your van conversion journey, then read on to find out how to choose the ideal vehicle.

Pick A Van That Matches Your Lifestyle

Before you begin looking at potential campervan conversions, it’s important to assess how you like to travel, so you can choose a vehicle that matches your lifestyle.

Take into account how often you’ll be using your van, will you live in it? Or is it just for weekends? Perhaps you like to go offroad, or into the wilderness. The choices you make here will affect the size and features of your van, so it’s important to consider this.

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Your Campervan Conversion Budget

Unfortunately, money is not infinite and you may be restricted from extravagant campervan conversions if you’re working on a tight budget. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a fantastic van to suit your needs with a bit of planning and compromise.

If money is no object though, then you won’t need to worry about these sorts of restrictions. If you’re trying to spend as little as possible we recommend looking for reliable second hand vans with some mileage to cut costs. A well-maintained vehicle will be just as functional as a brand new one.

Campervan Conversion Size

Size is the most integral part of your campervan conversion process. If you plan on spending a lot of time in your van, then you’re going to want a lot of space. We recommend opting for a long wheel base, high top van if you’re going to be using it a lot.

These are extremely convenient for space, layout and storage. It doesn’t come without its restrictions though, as a bigger van will cost more to run, and may not be able to enter places like multistory carparks.

Fuel Efficiency

This is often an aspect of campervan conversion that is overlooked. However, it’s important especially if you’re on a budget. The bigger and heavier the van, the more it will cost to run, and the further it will go on a tank for fuel.

So consider this if you’ll be going into the wilderness, or you’re on a tight budget. We recommend a smaller, shorter wheel base van for day trips and short journeys to help mitigate cost of build and running.

Contact Vanlife Customs For Quality Campervan Conversions

At Vanlife Customs, we live and breathe campervan conversions. We’re exceedingly knowledgeable about every aspect of building your dream van, so give us a call to find out more.


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