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About Vanlife Customs UK Ltd

Your vanlife adventure starts here.

Picture the vanlife dream: the weather forecast for the weekend ahead is good, your campervan is sitting on your drive ready to go, you throw a few things in a bag, load up with food and drink, head down the road towards the beach or wherever the fancy takes you, catch the few last waves, light the barbie, read a book or just sit back and admire the view, before settling for the night in a large comfy, cosy bed. Heaven! Ready to get up in the morning to do it all again! Simple pleasures!

That’s what vanlife is all about!


Liam The Workshop Guy

Always at home in front of his saw!

What started off as an occasional hobby for Liam has very quickly become a full time passion.

What better way to go to work every day than to go to work doing something you connect with, something you are truly on the same page as your customers with – making their dreams an affordable reality?

Liam is hands on, practical and extremely capable of producing the best product solution. He has a keen eye for detail and prides himself on the finishing touches of his workmanship. If he is not happy with the quality of the work he has provided, he will not send it out the door.

Liam is a huge VW enthusiast and outdoor activity guy. He has great ideas to create use of space to incorporate the outdoor lifestyle and using the van as a home. Liam has already converted his own VW T4 and his mum (Karen’s) VW T5 – Vanlife is his lifestyle.

Karen The Accounts Lady

Loves her Cassie the Camper, a VW T5!

From a very early age Karen developed a passion for camping and caravanning. Throughout her life she has spent a lot of time caravanning around the UK with family and friends. More recently, Karen has purchased a VW T5 which Liam converted into a campervan for her. She loves nothing more than to attend VW festivals, campervan shows, spend weekends and holiday time in her van travelling the UK.

Red van

Emma The Sales Lady

Only happy when vanlifing!

For Emma, Vanlife is life. If she could live in her van Clifford, a VW T4, then she would. She loves using the van on a daily basis, going to campervan festivals, weekends away and evenings out, a day at the beach, and touring around wherever we choose to go on our holidays, bouncing from place to place.

“Home is where you park it”.

But most of all, being a part of the vanlife culture and lifestyle. It is a way of life and you are part of something really special with like-minded people.

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